CH Bluemorn  Cruising  At  Night


                                                                             CH  Coolabine  Blue  Bird 

                                                         S: INTER & AUST CH Tonnerre  Des  Beldones  (IMP FRA)

                                                         D:  Izkaze  Famous  Chance

                                                                   Bluemorn  Dancn  With  The  Stars

                                                     S: NZL & AUST CH Lochburn   Back  F'more  (IMP NZL)

                                                     D: CH  Bluemorn  Blaze  O  Glory

                                                                     Bluemorn   Eclipse  Of  The  Heart

                                                                      S: Enfelde  Knight  Venture

                                                                      D: Bluemorn  Spannish  Lace

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